Resources to Make Each Experiment Successful

Organizational  & Change Assessment

No matter the challenge you are tackling or the talent initiative  for which you  are preparing,  managing organizational change is key:

1. We use several change models, one of which is the ADKAR model.  Check out the approach and do a quick assessment.

2.  Workforce Planning : Metrics & Analytics--Mercer Research 

3.  Strategic Workforce Planning Approach and Tools

Leadership and Team Assessments

Leaders are the lynchpins of success for any organization.   To build leadership effectiveness, we start at the root:  self effectiveness.  We  use a building block approach to build leader effectiveness--we understand that there are many programs to choose from, we will work with you to scope your business needs and assess the capabilities of your leaders to determine a practical solution.  Check out our Manager Profile Assessment.

Employee Engagement


How do we keep our employees engaged and committed?  We know there are several drivers.  The one that we focus on is career engagement.  Why?  Research suggests that over 83% of our employees leave our organizations due to lack of career advancement or growth opportunities.  But we don't need research to tell us we?

We can help you assess your engagement drivers and if the focus is career engagement,  we represent the best software tool out there...FUEL 50.  Request a free Values Assessment

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We offer a  comprehensive suite of talent solutions, anchored in tested assessments and using practical and proven approaches.

We understand your challenges.  We have been there.

Check out some of our assessments.  

Then, contact us for a free consultation.   

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