Innovative Approaches & Experienced Execution

Launched in 2001, Michele Croci began a consulting firm that thrived on bringing innovative ideas about optimization talent to life.  A systemic and holistic approach is used to insure we give you the best talent solutions.  Having partnered with many organizations in competency development,  change management, leadership development and career management.... we have become incredibly good at what we do.

Colloborations & Partnerships

Having worked with numerous companies and government agencies, our portfolio includes a mix of big, small, and enterprise-wide talent and change initiatives. Michele has provided leadership development in the areas of strategic workforce planning, leadership effectiveness, career engagement to thousand of managers and leaders around the world. When it comes to developing and executing talent strategies, you can count on us to get it done right.

Client Review

"Michele Croci and her team were extremely effective in understanding our multiple talet needs and prioritizing solutions to build and engage our talent based upon our business strategy."
—Bill.B  Financial Institution


  • Prudential                        Human Capital Institute              Department of Water and Power                  VISA           
  • HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union    IndyMac Bank           Southern California Edison     Domingues Hills University
  • American Management Association     Metropolitan Transit Authority       Department of Public Works
  • McGahn Medical      Pioneer USA            Earthlink       HerbalLife     Glendale Community College         USC
Bruce Walton Associates specialize in practical talent solutions, including: focused on communications, change mangement and strategic workforce planning. 
The  Team Approach is a training and consulting firm with over 30 years of work in team development, behavioral assessments, leadership training.  Authorized Partners for EVERYTHING DISC-Wiley.
Fuel 50 is an award-winning career pathing and engagement softward system.  Customizable and user-friendly it supports individual career development as well organizational workforce planning.  Michele Croci is an Authorized Referral Partner.